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Mixed Hardwood Firewood consist of maple, oak, ash, cherry, hickory and beech. Fully seasoned (under 25%). Firewood pieces average 16” in length.

  • $350 per FULL CORD


  • $160 - Mixed Hardwood Face Cord

  • $170 - 100% Cherry Face Cord

*Each order is put through our firewood cleaner so there is little to no mess to cleanup*



TEXT US @ 518-231-2723 for a FREE DELIVERY QUOTE, or fill out our Contact Form.

Please include your zip code and the amount of firewood needed!

*We also have Kiln Dried Firewood available year around*

Cash, Credit Card and Venmo accepted as payment on delivery.


Delivery location must be safely accessible to our trucks and have no overhead wires or tree limbs! Fully loaded our trucks and trailers weight well over 20,000 pounds and can very easily damage your lawn or anywhere’s off of your driveway. We strongly encourage you to have the wood dumped on your driveway. We are not responsible for lawn or property damage from the weight of our trucks.

*Prices are subject to change at anytime

Request a Quote

Text: 518-231-2723

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About Our Firewood Process

In order to create the best seasoned firewood we have to start with the best logs you can get. To do so, we only source locally harvested timber from responsible harvesters, which originate in sustainable managed timberlands and brought directly to our facilities for processing. This means only select trees are removed in order to grow a healthier forest, not only for the trees but also for all the wildlife that lives in and around them! We use every bit of the log that comes into our yard. Scraps are turned into kindling, substandard chunks are used to fuel the kiln and even the sawdust is used for livestock and ground cover. So you can rest assured that the choice to use any of our firewood products is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating fuel or propane.

BL Landworks takes pride to be your trusted name in this industry! Having 10+ years of experience delivering high quality firewood with countless happily returning customers. Now serving 6 county's in a 50 mile radius of Esperance NY, (Schoharie, Montgomery, Fulton, Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga)

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