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Forestry Mulching Services


This approach is an economic and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional land clearing methods. Helping reclaim any unusable and overgrown property quickly and efficiently. Our low ground pressure equipment will not disturb desirable vegetation, underlying roots and soil. At the same time recycling all the natural and organic vegetation into mulch, which returns nutrients back into the soil through decomposition. 

Our forestry mulching services do not involve any burning, enabling us to work anywhere from urban, suburban and rural areas. Unlike brush hogging, no sharp stubble is left behind. All vegetation is cut flush with the ground, allowing any sized tractor to maintain future growth.

Mulched material also acts as natural erosion control and sedimentation barrier, whereas traditional land clearing requires the additional cost of silt fence. 

We would be happy to meet with you to go over your project and come up with a plan specifically suited for your needs! Let us help you recycle and reclaim your overgrown land!



Our services are ideal for utility companies, developers, commercial lot owners and realtors.

  • Right-of-Way Clearing

  • Site Prep & Lot Clearing

   Allow us to fully or partially clear your plot of land. The layer of mulch left behind acts as natural erosion control.

  • Park & Campsite Clearing

  • Viewscape Clearing

   Add curb appeal to your property and make it easier for customers to find your business.

  • Golf Course Maintenance

   Under-brushing will reduce lost ball rates, while also creating a better view.

  • Storm Clean-Up

  • Fence Line Work

  • Utility Access Clearing

  • Trail & Roadside Overgrowth Clearing

   Widening of trails/roadway openings

  • Survey Line Clearing

  • Invasive Species Removal

   Highly maneuverable equipment with low ground pressure allows us to be selective when clearing invasive species mixed with desirable/native vegetation.


Our team can efficiently help private landowners reclaim back there unusable land. Large or small projects, from suburban backyards to large tracts of land, farms, and hunting properties. 

  • Field & pasture reclaiming

  • Building lots

  • Underbrushing

  • Timber stand thinning

  • Brush hogging

  • Recreational trails

  • View cuts

  • Hedgerows

  • Deer hunting property, food plots, shooting lanes

  • Farm land reclamation

  • Logging slash

  • Fence and property lines

  • Ditch, pond, reservoir banks 

And more!



Our team covers most of upstate NY, 

  • Capital Region ( Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga, Rensselaer Counties )

  • Mohawk Valley ( Montgomery, Fulton, Herkimer, Otsego Counties )

  • Southern Adirondacks ( Hamilton, Warren, Washington Counties )

  • Northern Catskills ( Schoharie, Delaware, Greene, Columbia Counties )

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